New Paradigm Opera for seven movements, one voice and one horizon. 

Performative and immersive installation combining conscious movement, video installation, architecture and live sound/music performance.

Based on Virginia Woolf’s epic novel for an androgynous figure.

Created in Berlin, Kinshasa, Marfa, London, Varanasi, Lisboa, Chandolin, Patagonia, the North Sea.


ORLANDO is an opera of a new kind, a performative installation combining conscious movement, video installation, architecture and live sound/music performance.

Julie Beauvais choreographs conscious movements with Orlandos of today, embodying the post-binary new paradigm around the world. Deep Listening is here used as a means of revelation, enabling an expanded awareness, a clairvoyance.

Horace Lundd chooses vast horizon lines to capture these essential movements at the blue hour. She films fragments destined to later form a continuum and to create the Orlandos common breathing.

Sibylle Kössler and Wynd Van der Woude design a set device allowing the videos to be projected simultaneously, merging the seven horizon lines into one.

Christophe Fellay composes an open score for guest musicians and sound artists invited to re-invent our experience at each performance. ORLANDO connects artists, scientists and communities at the heart of today's individual and collective shifts. 


Production - BadNewsFromTheStars*, Horace Lundd

Coproduction - La Bâtie, Festival de Genève

Associates - LAPIS/EPFL-Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Accélérateur de Particules Strasbourg
Partners - Pro Helvetia-Fondation suisse pour la culture, Pro Helvetia COINCIDENCIA, Pro Helvetia New Delhi, CNC-Centre National du Cinéma et de l'Image animée, dispositif DICRéAM aide au développement et aide à la production, Loterie Romande Vaud, Loterie Romande Valais, Canton du Valais, Service de la culture, DRAC-Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles Grand Est, aide individuelle à la création, Région Grand Est, soutien à la création du spectacle vivant et des arts visuels, Ville de Genève, département des finances et du logement, HEAR-Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin

Creative team​

Artistic direction, research, choreography - Julie Beauvais
Artistic direction, film director - Horace Lundd 

Music and sounds composition - Christophe Fellay

Set design - Sibylle Kössler, Wynd van der Woude 

Created with and moved by - Michael John Harper, Orakle Ngoy, Winsome Brown, Carolyn Cowan, Nyima, Diego Bragà, August Schaltenbrand, Natalia Chami, Valentina Bordenave, Frans W.M. Franssens

Videos editing - Paul Gauthier

Videos color grading - Marjolaine Mispelaere

Technical direction - BadNewsFromTheStars*

Wood engineering - Rémy Meylan, Whood X Mug

Video medias - Des Choses Pareilles

Executive producer in South America - Nati Chami

Executive producer in South Asia - Sandbox Collective

Sincere thanks and deep gratitude to Alexa Gruber, Christine Marsan, Caroline Dayer, Nicola Braghieri, Sara Formery, Manon Fantini, Laurent Chassot, Camille Cottagnoud, Ingrid Beauvais, Amélie Rouyer, Roland Sprenger, Monique Sprenger, Nicole Mudry, Rinah Läng, Susanne Steffen, Ulla Klingovsky, Arthur Debert, Chloé Grunhertz, Iris Aubry, Wilfried Luzele, Lucille De Witte Luzele, Paty Masiapa , Mega Minigiedi, Yves Sambu, Andee Radu, Aziz Friedrich, Rainer Judd, Agnès Cremel, Shabari Rao, Anitha Santhanam, Namgyal Taklha, Tribhuwan Chauhan, Anouk Jacob, Martim Dinis, Matilde Menezes Ferreira, Cristina Tavares, Tomás Maia, Mariana Brandão, António Câmara Manuel, Gwendolyn Jenkins, Solam, Céline Golaz, Florence Guignard, Lucrèce Minuty, Joël Zufferey, Julia Moroge, Marine Ventura, Viviane Lima, Philippe Biollaz, Lyvia Papilloud, Lauryline, Jean-Luc Torrent, Bastien Charvoz, Rita Bonvin, Lisa Biedlingmaier, Moritz Finkbeiner, Alex Scobie, Karin Denoual, Rut and Carlos Chami, Metty Franssens, Ella van der Woude, Luciano Percara, Shariff Korver, Celia Jesupret, Daniel Alvarez, Debora Kimitete, Association TE HINA O MOTU HAKA, Pascal Erhel Hatuuku, Heretu Tetahiotupa, Mika Hikutini, Elodie Cinquin-Beigbeder

Tour 2018

  • EPFL-Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (CH) / guest-musician Christophe Fellay

  • La Bâtie, Festival de Genève (CH) / guest-musicians NAH, Annina Gieré 

  • Dock 11 & EDEN*****, Berlin (DE) / guest-musician Sir o Sir

  • Regionale 19 Strasbourg (FR) / guest-sound artist Apollo Noir


Tour 2019


Tour 2020

  • Santiago a Mil Festival (CL) / guest-musician Cesar Bernal

  • FIBA-Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires (AR) / guest-musicians Leonel KaplanGuillermina Etkin

  • Mostra Internacional de Teatro de São Paulo (BR) / guest-sound artist Bartira

  • Val d'Anniviers, Chandolin (CH) / guest-musician Yannick Barman

  • Manifesta 13 The European Nomadic Biennial, Marseille (FR) / guest-sound artists eRikm, Meryll Ampe


Tour 2022-2023

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