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General Julie Beauvais

SONIC MATTER_openlab Amy Cranch

ALTER- Amy Cranch



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ALTER- © Oliver Ríos
THE WITNESS © Eduardo Kohn

ORLANDO © Horace Lundd


Deep Listening Experiments 


New Paradigm Opera 

ORLANDO © Horace Lundd

The Soldiers Tale © Robert Hofer

Krãsis © Brigitte Lustenberger



Alcina Poster © Desiree Dolron

Alcina © Nadine Fraczkowski

Così fan tutte Poster © Matthew Stone

Così fan tutte © Elisa Larvego

Hansel & Gretel © Marc Vanappelghem


Performance © Aline Fournier


Theatre © Sprung Theatre, Les Mondes Contraires


Research Voyages © Julie Beauvais & Horace Lundd 




Portrait 1 © Lisa Biedlingmaier

Portrait 2 © Anne Morgenstern

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