Julie Beauvais is a performer, director and curator. Her body of work ranges from opera, theatre 
and choreographic works,
performative installations
and transterritorial cooperation programs.


Her art is driven by her interests in embodied experience, expanded consciousness and elevation and has been performed and exhibited internationally since 2001. In 2020, she becomes founder, director and curator of Zurich based SONIC MATTER_openlab and platform for experimental music. In 2021, she creates and launches ALTER- Altitude Laboratory I Transition Experiments I Research at an altitude of 2000 meters in Val d'Anniviers, Swiss Alps.

The Witness 2022 The valuable knowledge of the Turkana people © Turkana.jpg

The Witness

Can conscious listening spark radical change? 

Acoustic ecology. Anthropology. Multispecies research. Soundscape studies. Spirituality. Climate change. Cooperation. Eco-grief. Listening as activism. Taking turns with the earth. Wisdom keepers.


Around the world, transdisciplinary groups of artists, scientists, and activists, in collaboration with their local communities, are listening to our imperiled planet’s messages around potential collapse — or hope for rehabilitation. Their research, which incorporates audio, video, and other creative platforms, implores us to witness what may disappear forever, as well as to urgently build new networks of caregiving for the earth. Representing seven teams from Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, The Witness will share research highlights and interactive experiences that invite us to reflect on the relationship between humans and our non-human kin.


Museum Rietberg, Zurich 
7 Dec. 2022

2–6 p.m. Interactive experiences
6–8 p.m. Conversation and live performances

is a platform for innovative convergences of conscious movement, deep listening and environmental studies.


With her collaborators, Beauvais explores new perspectives on transterritorial cooperation for sustainable development in a context of emerging challenges and shifting paradigms. The approach tuned to 'multispecies becoming with' combines deep listening practices, sound art, music, conscious movement and scientific observations, allowing the development of new forms of opera.


New paradigm opera for seven movements, one voice and one horizon


Performative and immersive installation combining conscious movement, video installation, architecture and live sound/music performance, based on Virginia Woolf’s epic novel for an androgynous figure.

Created in Berlin, Kinshasa, Marfa, London, Varanasi, Lisboa, Chandolin, Patagonia, the North Sea.


Winter 2022-2023 India Tour


2017 production of BadNewsFromTheStars*, ORLANDO toured European and South American festivals and biennales from 2018 to 2020. We are now preparing for a 2022-2023 tour in India (Kochi-Muziris Biennale, Imphal, Bangalore) with producer Sandbox Collective and co-organizers and partners Canton du Valais Service de la culture, Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council and Pro Helvetia New Delhi.

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Altitude Laboratory I Transition Experiments I Research

A collaboration among artists, researchers and local inhabitants that responds to environmental crises in high-mountain communities.

ALTER- is an annual program that takes place from the beginning of June to the end of August in the Val d’Anniviers in Valais, Switzerland.
ALTER- invites a group of artists and researchers (a group of 3 to 5 people already constituted) from another mountain region of the world to settle down for three months in Chandolin (2000m. of altitude) and to listen to and enter into dialogue with the Val d’Anniviers and its inhabitants. The objective is the active sharing of challenges, knowledge and possible solutions for the period of transition – cultural, climatic, energetic, economic, social – that all high mountain regions are going through simultaneously.

Community work

BadNewsFromTheStars* artists and researchers are committed to knowledge exchange and to helping everyone contribute their gifts to work for something greater than themselves.

We are grateful to our supporters, partners and catalysts for making our projects possible. 


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