Kundalini Yoga Daily Practice

Chandolin, Valais - Switzerland


Give yourself the chance to dive deep into your practice during one class only or for these intensive Kundalini Yoga 10 days. These daily Sadhanas will allow you to reconnect with your true inner self, rebalance and open your heart and let peace, tranquility and calmness flow within you. 


Dates: 22 - 30 June 2019 

Time: 10.00 - 11.30 Sadhana, morning session

Theme: Roots for Life
Location: Salle communale de Chandolin, Val d'Anniviers, Valais - Switzerland
Teacher: Julie Beauvais - certified through IKYTA and trained with Gurmukh in Rishikesh, India 


CHF 25.-/class

CHF 150.-/week


Every morning I will guide you through Sadhana and throughout the week we will work on Roots for Life in a specific sequence of kriyas and meditations with a 90 minute morning session. 

In this 10 day course we are diving deep into our roots through discovering and working with the first three chakras (lower triangle) to understand more about our habits, instincts and desires. Through the daily practice energy that was blocked in unresolved issues can start be used for new creativity, vitality and dedicated action serving your higher good.



No previous experience of (Kundalini) Yoga is needed for this course.

To make the most out of this experience please take the following in consideration:

- Wear appropriate clothing allowing you to move freely.

- Bring your own yoga mat.

- If you need a (meditation) pillow to sit more comfortably please have on at your disposition.

- It’s nice to have a meditation blanket or shawl to cover yourself during the relaxation.


Food / beverages

Tea will be served after each session.



Organized individually by each participant.

How to get to Chandolin

Buses run daily from Sierre to Chandolin. 

Trip duration: 1hour.

Kundalini Yoga Sadhanas

Chandolin, Switzerland

Summer solstice 2019

22 - 30 June

CHF 25.- /class

CHF 150.- /week


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