Trans-species Opera 

Laboratory work and site-specific experiment for humans and non-humans combining deep listening, conscious movement and blue hour light.

Based on Pauline Oliveros text score The Witness

Created at the blue hour in Bengaluru (IN), Berlin (DE), Moscow (RU)

Production BadNewsFromTheStars* (CH)

Coproducers and associates 

Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology - Bangalore, IN

National School of Drama - Bangalore, IN - Berlin, DE

Embodied Poetics - London, UK
Support and partners Pro Helvetia - Fondation suisse pour la culture, Pro Helvetia New Delhi



25.11 - 23.12

Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology & National School of Drama, Bangalore, India


09.03 - 03.04, Berlin, Deutschland (postponed)


20.07 - 02.08

THEATRUM festival - Re-Formation Program, Moscow, Russia


Music and sounds composition Pauline Oliveros

Deep Listening Guide Ione

Space and movement direction Julie Beauvais

Music and sonic direction Claire Chase

Created with and moved by humans and non humans in presence. The Witness may be performed by a soloist, as a duet with an imaginary partner, or as an ensemble for two to a hundred or more performers. 

Witnesses in Bangalore, India / Nov.-Dec. 2019:

Phyllanthus emblica, Fagus Sylvatica, Senna Lindheimeriana, Parthenium hysterophorus, Eucalyptus globulus, Poa bulbosa, Juncus, Nyssa Sylvatica, Peahens, Golden Oreole, Crow Pheasant, Nectaryde, Danaus genutia, Vijay Paul Punia, Atharva Nitin Kulkarni, Aditya mandar Nadgauda, Aishwarya Yogesh Londhe, Aparna Menon, Chaubey Shlagha, Damini Yadav, Shandili Jeevan Hegde, Neha Kishor Kakatkar, Manya Singh, Neha Kiran, Nethra Muthukrishnan, Ruchita Manoj Pania, Poorvi Prabhakar Garg, Rishika Ganesh Shetty, Sanjana Sukumar, Saurav Kataria, Shreyas Jagadish Desai, Tanay Ashutosh Sathe, Tanvi Dhanecha, Valli Pattikonda, Amuda Vasant Meena

Witnesses in Moscow, Russia / Jul.-Aug 2020:


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THE WITNESS is a trans-species opera,

a biocentric experiment for humans

and non-humans, combining deep listening,

conscious movement and blue hour light.

In each location THE WITNESS takes place, anyone and everyone are invited to join

the experience during a 40 days process.

Every day, at twilight, participants meet in vast urban or natural landscapes.

Julie Beauvais elaborates with them Pauline Oliveros's deep listening composition

The Witness, which structure consists of three strategies for listening and responding with guidelines for the use of the strategies. 

Deep Listening opens to a heightened state

of awareness and connects to all that there is.

In each location where THE WITNESS occurs,

new guest-artists, researchers, scientists are invited to facilitate the dialogue between the variety of sentient beings present in the field.

A conscious exchange then starts, where humans and all other species in presence are part of a system of interdependence and cooperation.