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Transterritorial Cooperation & Deep Listening Experiments 


Can conscious listening spark radical change?


Listening as activism. Cooperation. Multispecies research. Anthropocene. Mutations. Climate crisis. Eco-grief. Wisdom keepers. Taking turns with Earth.

Each year, The Witness brings together several transdisciplinary groups of artists, scientists, and activists from different parts of the world who are collaborating with their local communities to listen to our imperiled planet. As the year unfolds, the groups meet regularly to share their ongoing fieldwork and to deepen their own connections and collaborative potential with the communities they are working with. They also post photo, audio, video, and text fragments on The Witness’s multimedia platform that give voice to these local communities and the skills and wisdom they impart in living in harmony with the Earth. The projects featured by The Witness implore us to witness what may disappear forever, as well as to build, with urgency, greater caregiving for our non-human kin.


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