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Altitude Artist Residency 



Altitude Laboratory I Transition Experiments I Research

A collaboration among artists, researchers and local inhabitants that responds to environmental crises in high-mountain communities.

ALTER- is an annual program that takes place from the beginning of June to the end of August in the Val d’Anniviers in Valais, Switzerland.

ALTER- invites a group of artists and researchers from another mountain region of the world to settle down for three months in Chandolin (2000m. of altitude) and to listen to and enter into dialogue with the Val d’Anniviers and its inhabitants. The objective is the active sharing of challenges, knowledge and possible solutions for the period of transitions – cultural, climatic, energetic, economic, social – that all high mountain regions are going through simultaneously.

ALTER- encourages this cooperation by supporting three types of activities developed in parallel during the summer:

- The Lab: observations and research in the field by artists and researchers

- The Transmissions: common activities between the artists in residence and the inhabitants of the valley

- The Events: regular sharing of the project’s progress with the public, in partnership with Swiss scientists and artists

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